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Photo by: Lucie Prazak, Lens & Light


Aunty Cry Sis
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Aunty Cry Sis
is the name of a mind-set, resonating through this musical act:
Hot meaning Cool while being Stirred and Shaken !

We are being described as:
Classy, Chic, Cheeky, Hot, Cool, Groovy, Bluesy, Jazzy, Fresh, Melodic, Mediterranean, Romantic,
Old-sing-a-longs, Original-Champagne-poppers sung by a Husky Soothing, Warming Vocal accompanied by
Exceptionally Nimble-fingered Musicians.

We differ in formation to your liking…

A visually dressed to thrill and chanting, charming vocal act, which will transform depending on the occasion into:

- a complete group of heartfelt vocals, accompanied by mediterranean rhythm and harmonious, exotic melodies, lied down on a bed of juicy, bluesy, jazzy grooves by;
Dezibelle (vocals), Ximo Sirera (guitar), Pedro Diaz (guitar/Temple), Uli Glassmann (upright-bass) and Marco Santos (percussion and human-beatbox)

a trio Aunty sings and sways with the outstanding groovy rhythmic, mediterranean guitar duo from Spain;
Ximo Sirera and Pedro Diaz

a trio Aunty sings and swings with the exceptional skilled-to-nail-any-beat upright-bass player and percussionist;
Uli Glassmann (Germany) and Marco Santos (Portugal)

- an exclusive, romantic and intimate solo performance by Aunty Cry Sis on guitar

- or a combination of any of the above fit to the occasion or to your liking.


Photo by: Lucie Prazak, Lens & Light


An Aunty Cry Sis experience…

This exhilarating and chanting performance of old famous songs and fresh originals,
will stimulate to put any kind of ‘Cry Sis’ into clear and bright perspective.
Some music is from the 20-ies or 40-ies and some from the 70-ies, yet ALL seem highly suspiciously similar to the vibe of the famous black and white TV series ‘The Twilight Zone’ from the 60ies, so ‘Aunty Cry Sis’ remains a mystery for your pure enjoyment.

There for all songs are performed in a unique noticeable warm mediterranean manner:
classy and chic, yet easy to digest with a touch of fresh bossa.
To your liking some cheeky-funky sounding songs to add to the set-list to not only lift your spirits,
but also lift your feet onto the dance floor. Bass and drums/percussion added and you will be stirred and shaken!

Oldies such as:

Like Someone In Love
Moonriver (Breakfast At Tiffany’s)
A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)
Come Wander (Twilight Zone Episode) … etc etc

New(er) songs such as:

I Feel Good (James Brown)
Lets Have A Kiki (Scissor Sisters)
Light My Fire (The Doors)
I Got A Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)
A Perfect Day (Lou Reed) 

And originals such as:

Talk To Aunty 
Sissy Fears
Live Like Ravens
Pan’s Kis

Aunty Cry Sis – repetoire consists of songs she and her band members grew up with, as well as new songs performed
in their fitting yet unique groovy manner and original songs that leave an unforgettable impact, always coming from the soul.

Press quotes

“Dezibelle’s approach to songwriting is refreshing and her music has a tremendous positive influence in pop culture in The Netherlands” – Marie Claire

“a sensual voice” – BBC, England

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