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Desiree de Rooij (a.k.a. Dezibelle, Dez and Dezi Belle) has a track record of hits and singles she wrote for different producers and DJ`s worldwide, such as producers trio Kraak&Smaak, NYC-based producer Dave Liang, London based Subject13, The Hague based Liquinova, Bali based Zoe Noa and a very recent dance track for Rodg on Armin van Buren his label, Armada Music.

30 original tracks she wrote and sang have been released on 21 albums and played on radio, tv and internet in 54 countries.
A long the line of the durance of her songwriting career, she has always improved and expanded her solo performance and her guitarplaying skills. She played regularly in several venues in NYC such as The Zinc Bar, Piano’s, CBGB`s and The Livingroom etc.
She had a heartwarming welcoming accompanied by her band at 24feetEast on Bricklane in London as she also did with DJ Subject13 in Club Cargo etc.


Born under the name Desiree de Rooij, her artist name ‘Dezibelle’ stands for frequencies that resonate the depth and meaning, both the highs and lows of  life we experience, in recognition of you, the listener.

Dezibelle (A.K.A. Dez) her track-record as a song-writer and singer:

I Still
for closing scene of motion picture ‘Ik Ook Van Jou’ by Ruud van Hemert
> 200.000 cinema visitors, repeated on TV (Dutch/Eng/German)

Keep Me Home
album: Boogie Angst, Group: Kraak&Smaak
> international hit single with 300.000 youtube views
(released/being aired: U.S. KCRW, England BBC, Dutch 3FM and 52 more countries)

Trip Checker
As soundtrack in surf-video Inside Hawaii, produced and music composed by Olaf Wempe

Miss Shang Hai (NYC)
album: Shang Hai Restoration Project, music-producer/co-writer: Dave Liang
> int. & U.S. hit with 500.000 ” views
(released/being aired: U.S., Europe and all CD-selling Starbucks around the world)

Goodtime Girl
12 CD releases, music-producers: Liquinova
> compilation CD-hit; multiple international releases
(releases/being aired in: Spain, France, Italy, England, Netherlands)

Life Remains The Same
album: Supperclub CD vol. 7, music-producer: Zoe Noa
(released and aired in: San-Fransisco, Chang-Hai, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, then the rest of China, U.S. and Europe)


Won The Individual Musicians Prize at Big Pop Prize Of The Netherlands (Grote Prijs van Nederland) 2003

Eventually about 14 of her songs have had airplay and got released through several labels on 22 albums in 54 countries.
They have been used in motion pictures and popular tv series such as ‘The L Word’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and featured on US and European motion picture scores, such as ‘Bangkok Dangerous’ staring Nicolas Cage and spread world wide on Starbucks CD compilation ‘World is China’.


Further background information 

For the past 15 years she has been singing and writing songs anyone can easily relate to. Always with a hopeful note as if singing towards the light. She wrote from the age of 4, since her grandfather (a professional Gipsy style-Jazz singer and guitarist) mentioned he experienced writing songs as one of the hardest things to do and to do right. So she decided she just simply had to do it and do it a lot.

After recording and writing for local bands and producers from the The Hague scene such as Sven Figee (Anouk, Sven Hammond Soul) hit single ‘Goodtime Girl’, collaborating with Normally Invisible on the sound-score of Dutch motion picture ‘Ik Ook Van Jou’ including closing song ‘I Still’ and Kraak&Smaak their first international hit single ‘Keep Me Home’, Supperclub CD collaboration with Zoe Noa ‘Life Remains The Same’ and winning the individual Musicians Prize at ‘De Grote Prijs van Nederland’ (The Dutch Pop Prize competed for by 4000 bands), more and more of her music got played overseas.

Taking flights all over, being asked to perform at the World Championships of the outdoor extreme sports scene, her music videos where supported and released on several extreme sports video’s such as:
Fransisco Goya’s, Bjorn Dunkerbeck’s and several Red Bull and Quicksilver surf, windsurf and snowboard video’s.
When people started asking about her voice in NYC, after noticing a song of hers, which was used in a documentary shown on the NYC movie festival, she decided to live abroad and test her skills overseas.

Living and flying back and forth between NYC, L.A. and Amsterdam for over 2 years made her obtain more and more national and international recognition and support. During this time she’d mainly performed solo at small, yet familiar venues, such as: CBGB’s, Zinc Bar, Piano’s etc. Through meeting radio guru Nick Harcourt, his LA based radio station KCRW started to support her. London BBC-radio and Kiss FM followed by playing a range of her songs such as her collaboration with Dave Liang on ‘Miss Shanghai’, ‘Beam A Ray’ and Kraak&Smaak’s ‘Keep Me Home’ featured under her songwriter name Dez.

After a couple of years of songwriting and collaborating with several known and unknown producers in hectic cities like NYC (Dave Liang), London (Guy Sigsworth), Paris (Cristo de Fontecilla) and Barcelona (project’08001′), she retreated to Switzerland to to further expand her music skills by studying audio engineering. Collaborated there on techniques and compositions with talented composer/producer Adrien Vauthey. Taking on video-animation and editing as a hobby, now currently working towards a versatile multi media album release being signed to Brussels label HKM Music.


The ‘Dezibelle’ experience…

With a voice that ranges from soulful, sultry, silky, husky low to higher, straighter, directly aimed at the heart. Somewhere in between Celtic, yet warm and soulful in the mid and low ranges of her voice. Dezibelle performs her own songs with the exception of a familiar or unfamiliar cover in her own unique and elegant manner. Leaving you occasionally without breath, in laughter or tears, but at the least with some guaranteed goosebumps. Titles as ‘I Still‘ and ‘Stranger In My Friend‘ balanced with a more uplifting titles such as ‘Keep Me Home‘ and ‘Beam A Ray‘ create a nicely balanced, authentic and intimate ambiance.

Dezibelle creates her own animated videos. This is one of the first she created together with grafitti artist ‘Shake’, Jill Martens on her hitsingle ‘Keep Me Home‘ written and performed solo by Dez(ibelle), original hit single of Kraak&Smaak on their album ‘Boogie Angst’.




Press quotes

“Dezibelle’s approach to songwriting is refreshing and her music has a tremendous positive influence in pop culture in The Netherlands” – Marie Claire

“a sensual voice” – BBC, England

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